Captain Flint

In July 2021 Janet and Joanne went to collect a litter of ginger kittens surrendered as the couple did not want kittens. We were then asked to take 3 heavily pregnant ginger queens, others, all ginger, of in between ages were surrendered making 13 in total. The nightmare started when the queens gave birth with no milk due to starvation
The one who had milk was too poorly to cope 2 kittens died in first 3 days.

Hilda bottle fed newborns.   Janet Joanne and Laurie nursed the others. Then the problems started when these gingers showed signs of bacterial infections most of us had not dealt with. The herpesvirus  gardia and compila virus hit the cats and kittens making it difficult for them to have healthy guts and to keep weight on. The vets at Crook and Tow Law. were wonderful treating every 2 or 3 days.
It took all summer to make inroads, while Hilda cat napped in between bottle feeds.

Tow law vets closed surgery one night and then opened it up for Janet and Joanne to take all kittens in for treatment. 12 I think that night. The kittens were rehomed to excellent people in pairs except for Flint whose eye erupted and was removed today at 6 months old.

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