Barney finds a new home

We first saw and heard Barney at Deerness kennels, big and boisterous and thought ‘No way but after finding out he’d spent 9 months in shelters decided to give him a chance.

We took Barney for 3 wknds to see how he would cope and adapt to family life, a few little issues but nothing we couldn’t fix with a little training. So in May 17 we decided to have him full time. He finally has the love and attention he deserves. He loves going to the beach, woods and just generally being out and about with us.

We couldn’t imagine him not being here now as he’s a big part of our family and loved by all who meet him.

A big thank you to Kath and the RSPCA for allowing Barney into our lives x

Val (Barneys new owner) and Barney